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    Traditional Karate History

    Traditional Karate-do is a part of Budo, the Japanese martial art system. It is defined as a weaponless self-defense art against a single or multiple opponents using punching, striking, blocking, kicking and shifting techniques. The technical focus of training is the development of Todome-waza, the "finishing blow". This concept is based on the notion that a competent practitioner can deliver a single blow (mental or physical) that instantly terminates an assailant's intent to harm. However, the ultimate aim of Budo study is to develop one's character as well as fighting skills to altogether evade and/or avoid violent encounters... Continued

Traditional Karate Atlanta - Premiere Martial Arts Academy

Toru Shimoji

Toru Shimoji

Toru Shimoji (5th Dan) is the chief instructor at Traditional Karate Atlanta. Sensei Shimoji has over 3 decades of internationally recognized teaching experience. He served as the president of the American Amateur Karate Federation (AAKF) from 2009 to 2011 and is currently a member of its Technical Board.

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Toru Shimoji

What Our Students Say About Us

"Traditional Karate Atlanta is the best karate dojo in Atlanta! We looked at about 10 schools in the Atlanta area and this is the best we have seen. TKA celebrates the uniqueness of each child and helps them to find their voice and their strengths, and teaches them to assert themselves in effective ways...."

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"The children's program at Traditional Karate Atlanta is a unique martial arts experience... Improved concentration, attention span and ability to follow instruction are further benefits..."

"The authenticity of practice, clarity of teaching and devotion to karate as a unifying principle by which one can live one’s life are always present – whether in the seemingly simplest of drills or the great seminars that are offered...."

"...Sensei Shimoji is clearly one of the premier martial arts instructors in the world. He can impart his teaching just as clearly and easily to beginners as to advanced, with each student feeling as if the class was directed solely at them...."

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