Traditional Karate Atlanta



Our adult karate package will give you an excellent overview of your training system regardless of your background or previous experience. Basic Karate techniques, conditioning/stretching, and breathing/energy concepts will be covered.

1. First fill out our online Liability Release Form.

2. The day you wish to start class, sign up online for our $80 One Month Adult Introductory Package for new students, which includes a uniform, belt and 8 classes (up to 2 classes per week). Please bring your receipt to your first class. Our instructors will size you for a uniform at your first class.

3. Arrive 10-15 early and wear comfortable clothes (sweatpants and tshirt).


Download our 2016 Pricing Plans

After your Introductory one-month package, you can navigate into other classes based on your skill level and schedule. Divided into Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced, all levels of interest are satisfied. Training menu runs on cycles where cluster of topics are matched to maximize learning in a safe, positive and motivating environment. This maintains high level of instructional quality by thoroughly covering each of wide range of subjects associated with Jinsendo Karate training. Below are some of the topics covered at Edge Movement:

  • Core connection and strengthening
  • Energy management and breathing techniques
  • Flexibility and suppleness in movement
  • Tournament competition
  • Self-defense and Kata applications


  • Monday – Thursday, 7:00pm – 8:00pm –General, All Levels (White – Black Belts)
  • Saturday, 9:00 – 10:00am – General, All Belt Levels (White – Black Belts)


  • Dynamic warm-up and stretching
  • Basic karate techniques
  • Review of previous lesson
  • Introduction of new material
  • Stretching and/or cool-down.


After the introductory month, student choose one of our affordable Month to Month payment plans. For details on various payment options, please download our 2016 pricing plans.


The reverence of Traditional Karate lies in our need to express ourselves through physical movement and explore our connection to the physical and spiritual world. Learning to move your body freely through a Traditional Karate experience will not only empower your body, but your overall psyche; giving you a calmer mind, a more peaceful outlook, and improved spatial and personal awareness.

Public perception of martial arts is skewed by the media portrayal of spectacular fighting prowess of a hero single handedly defeating countless “bad guys”. This is far from the truth. In Traditional Karate training, the violent nature of humanity is acknowledged, respected and studied; but never enhanced or glorified. By understanding human aggression, the practitioner is able to avoid danger by precognition, self-confidence and pro-active interjection.

The notion that our body is a holy temple stems from the earliest human experience. Since physical movement is necessary for our survival, the ancients devised ingenious art forms to elevate human consciousness. Thus today, we have Traditional Karate.

Take this unique opportunity to experience this ancient art of self-defense. Satisfy that nagging itch to reclaim your full body movements, sharp and alert mind, and exuberant and positive spirit. The investment of your time will be well rewarded in this short program. You owe it to yourself to act now.


Will there be sparring in the beginner’s class?

No, you will not be exposed to any dangerous or unpredictable activities in this course. All the partner-drills will be well paced, controlled and supervised.

Will I fit in even though I am out of shape?

Yes, Traditional Karate exercise is progressive, meaning you learn in step-wise methods that gradually increase in complexity and intensity. You are encouraged to maintain your own, comfortable pace during training. Remember that your classmates will most likely be in a similar condition. The point is to reconnect with your body and mind so you can improve the overall quality of life, by being more mindful of body usage, alert to your surroundings and sensitive to other’s energy field.

I’m already in good shape; will I get a good enough workout at this level?

Yes, but in a different way. Oriental methods of health and wellness, like martial arts, are based on a qualitative and holistic approach to physical discipline. Traditional Karate training will give you much more than calorie burning, target heart rate and physique competition activity. Each class will balance physical, mental and spiritual activities giving you a well-rounded, wholesome workout. The way you view “workout” will evolve to a new level of consciousness.